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Andy Tourist is one of the leading Vietnam Tour Experts and Regional Tour Operators and a professional holiday planner offering great travel services across Asia. Our reputation in the industry has been gained through our clients’ satisfaction since our first operation. Come with us to discover Vietnam and Indochina to have a life-changing experience trip.


Travel team: we are dedicated to ensuring you receive unparalleled services from the minute you contact us until you come back home from your journey. Therefore, our managers, tour experts, guides, drivers and other office staffs are industry’s most experienced and talented professionals. Knowledgeable travel experts can answer all your pre-trip questions. University trained, multi-lingual tour leaders guide your journey. From the travel managers to guides, drivers, you will find our commitment to offering the highest level of services, attention to every details and friendly, personalized service will ensure your trip is a memorable and rewarding experience.

Accommodation: the variety of our accommodation around Vietnam and Indochina represents the wide breadth of cultures and styles we encounter – from luxurious, international hotels, bungalows, 2-3 star hotels, and private apartments. We always look for conveniently, comfortably and friendly located places with plenty of local characters. Often, our chosen accommodation will actually be an essential ingredient of the tour.

Meals: our basic policy is to build as much flexibility into meal arrangements as possible, allowing you the freedom to choose dining in first class restaurants, taste local cuisine or prepare your own meal. All our tour leaders can recommend you the best places in town to eat out. As a rule of thumb, breakfast is included in the majority of our accommodations. When meals are included, they will normally offer a choice between local, European or Asian based dishes; there will always be a vegetarian option. While outdoor adventure activities, the majority of meals are included as usual with fresh products purchased mainly from the local markets.

The group experience: smaller groups also mean greater flexibility when it comes to transport. The mode of transport will reflect the essential nature of the tour; 4WD for wilderness expeditions and wildlife viewing and a compact coach for cultural itineraries along a good network of roads. In fact we often use more than one type per trip. And, of course, we also travel by foot on the tours. On the longer stretches, small group travel is also an ideal way of enjoying the sociable side of your holiday.

Value for money: Holidays can be expensive. But when you take out the soulless 4 star hotels, in-house movies and room service, it’s remarkable how much you can actually afford. We’re all about thrills not frills. And with so many different tours to choose from with such a wide scope of duration and activity, even the most budget conscious traveler is sure to find something that suits their needs. Our holidays are structured to make the most effective use of time and resources. At the end of the day, it’s not just a holiday, it’s an experience. And a Andy Tourist experience stays with you long after photos have been developed or the tan has faded.


What is a tour with Andy Tourist like? first and foremost it’s about the people: your traveling companions, the Andy Tourist team, an enduring friendship you strike in a remote wilderness. A trip with Andy Tourist is also a relaxed but carefully planned ecological, cultural and adventure holiday, with none of the hassle associated with independent travel – nor the impersonal regime of mass tourism.  Travel in Vietnam and Indochina requires an exceptional level of organization – to research your trip locally put all the arrangements in place, find the right accommodation or flight  for you, inform you about the latest products – and to lead you through a very special adventure. While highly trained regional tour leaders are running expeditions all over Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the backstage crew back in Australia, the UK contributes a vast pool of skills to ensure the whole operation runs smoothly.


Tourism with a purpose: our commitment to responsible travel: being a positive and sustainable alternative to mass tourism is easier said than done. But Andy Tourist believes passionately in local tourism and is proud to be amongst the leaders in this field. Our dedication to responsible travel colors all our major decisions – from the concept that “small groups leave fewer footprints” to the choice of the local staff and resources, right through to our community based tourism scheme, aimed to bring more benefits directly to the local communities.

Sustainable community tourism: throughout the trip, the tour leader will encourage the education of our clients on their role in making sure that the local communities benefit from our visit, ensuring that we will always be welcome.

Cultural protection: people are the ultimate focus of all our endeavors to ensure sustainable tourism development. We believe that all people have the right to a healthy and productive life, living in harmony with nature. Where practical, we will involve and cooperate with local communities and people, encouraging the purchase of local products and use of available skills.

Our tour leaders: when recruiting tour leaders, we assess their environmental credentials, and then train then to our own standards. All tour leaders are required to complete a responsible and community based tourism audit before they can lead a tour for us.

Support: using locally owned suppliers wherever possible to provide and run services, we ensure that the local economy benefits directly. We also expect local suppliers to meet our standards, with particular consideration for the needs of our guests.

Andy Tourist is the choice for premier international clients. We offer private tours at affordable price and invite you to work with our travel consultants to customize the dream vacation that accommodates your schedule, budget and personal interests. Join us and share the magic and mystery of Vietnam and Indochina.


Whether you are choosing from our many itinerary options or customizing your trip, we are committed to helping you make your travel arrangements as simple as possible. Below are the services we provide.

We provide air ticketing within Southeast Asia or departing from S.E Asia to other parts of the world.

No matter what your budget is, we are able to find good hotels with great discount offers. Contact us for special hotel discounts with early reservations: info@andytourist.com

We offer small group and individual private tours. Our travel agents all over Southeast Asia organize group tours year round. For customized tours, including guides, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, or special arrangements, please email us the following information:

  • Approximate number of days in country (exact dates if possible)
  • Number of adults or children under 12
  • Type of hotel (standard: air conditioned, centrally located, private bath, or, 3-4-5 stars: deluxe room service, swimming pool, exercise facilities)
  • Where you will be arriving and departing
  • Any special interests or information that will help us understand your needs

We provide reliable executive travel services including VIP airport pickup, 24 hour visa service, security and bodyguard. We also facilitate air clearance for private jets to fly into Vietnam airspace.

Contact us. info@andytourist.com

Let our professional team take part in your success either planning your personal vacation or growing your business in Southeast Asia. PLEASE TELL US WHERE YOU ARE GOING NEXT!